Digital Horizon Capital ™(“DHVC”) is a Silicon Valley based venture fund founded by Stanford-tenured Prof. Shoucheng Zhang and his former student Dr. Andrew Gu. They, along with their founding team, have been working together for over 10 years, bringing together a unique combination of diverse educational backgrounds, entrepreneurial experience, academic acumen, and deep industry connections. This wide array of skills allows DHVC to leverage resources optimally, in order to help all of our partners reach their fullest potential.

Under our management, members of Digital Horizon Capital ™(“DHVC”)’s portfolio gain access to our deep, in-depth knowledge in cutting-edge technology, as well as our extensive network of business connections peppered throughout both Silicon Valley and China. Our relationships with innovative entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and education institutions allow us to see connections and possibilities others can’t even imagine, giving us the power to forge the friendships and partnerships new ventures need to succeed.

At the moment, we focus on investing in companies that can boost an innovative business model, a disruptive technology, a strong management team, and/or a big market opportunity. Our sectors of focus include Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Big Data, Blockchain, Healthcare, Fintech, Consumer Tech, Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing and other information technology applications. Here at DHVC, we focus on the future; we don’t just cling the techniques that worked yesterday. Instead, we nurture promising young saplings where we can, building a better tomorrow, by investing in today.

DHVC is a US venture fund registered in Delaware. All general partners are US citizens or permanent residents. No limited partners, foreign or domestic, have control over investment decisions or access to proprietary information from our portfolio companies.

Digital Horizon Capital™
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